IT Staff Augmentation

Technical Recruitment

Mainframe to Open Systems and everything in-between!
We understand time is valuable. We have heard several times the same complaints from our Client IT Managers about spending "team time" in interviewing consultants who do not fit their needs.

Typically, when a position needs to be filled, the HR/Manager would send the job requisite to the VMS partner or to a set of prime vendors servicing the company. The vendor recruitment team sets off to get maximum resumes for a given position based on resume keywords. Around 30-40 resumes are then sent back to the hiring manager. At this time, the hiring team devices a plan to further filter out resumes and end-up conducting interviews for 15-20 resumes received. Soon the Managers and Technical members of the team gets exhausted by the interview process, because majority of the candidate are just not matching for what the team is actually looking for. The process is repeated till a suitable candidate is hired/contracted. Imagine the number of hours spent by each team member (or total team time spent).

Talk to us. Learn how we can help your team save at-least 60% of the time. Wouldn't it be better off doing actual development during this time?

Our Strength

Our directors have at-least 15+ years of programming experience (from open systems to mainframe and everything in-between). We have been consultants to several fortune 100 companies, and we are proud to successfully complete several large and complex projects. We differentiate ourselves from the rest by pre-screening consultants in-depth for their technical capabilities. Every technical resources presented to our clients will need to meet our technical expectation to do the job at hand. We try our best to save our Client their valuable "team time" in interviewing consultants, and their project time.

IT Directors and Managers from our client companies have recognized SAZ with great feedbacks for our capabilities to identify and present right candidates for their requirements.

Area's of our Expertise

  • Software & Web Development/Engineering - Both Java and Microsoft Technology areas.
  • Database Design, Development and Administration
  • System Integration
  • IT Security
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Quality Assurance & Testing
  • Production Support Engineers

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